Time for a cap on overdraft charges - General Election 2017

We need your help to get local candidates in the upcoming general election to pledge their support for a cap on unarranged overdraft charges.

Repeatedly being hit by expensive unarranged overdraft charges is a major problem for millions of UK households. At up to £180 for borrowing £100 over 30 days, charges for going into an unarranged overdraft can be up to 7 times more expensive than a payday loan. Our recent survey revealed two thirds of our clients had been hit by the charges.

The election is less than four weeks away and the candidates to be your next MP want to show they understand your concerns and will act on them. This is your golden opportunity to tell them that excessive borrowing charges should be a key priority. 

Please ask your local candidates to support a cap on unarranged overdraft charges using the tool below. If you would like to add your story please tell them how unarranged overdraft charges have affected you and why a cap on charges would have helped. 

MPs acted before to cap payday loans, now together we can send a clear message to your next MP that they need to act on excessive bank charges. Your support could help protect people from problem debt for years to come. 

Thank you.