It's time for action on Breathing Space

We need your help to get MPs to push for a scheme that will help all people with severe debt problems.

There are 2.6m people in the UK struggling with severe debt problems. Many are under extreme financial pressure. A recent survey we carried out revealed 1 in 5 people struggling financially had not been able to afford food after paying their unsecured debts.

Politicians need to act to protect people with debt problems.

We want to see a “Breathing Space” scheme brought in to give people a period of 6 to 12 months without interest, charges or debt collection activity while they seek advice and try to improve their financial situation.

The Government said they would look into introducing Breathing Space in 2015 but no firm action has been taken since.

The Treasury should have carried out a review by December 2015 but it’s over a year since this deadline and nothing's been published. Since then more than 1.3m people have sought help with their debts from free debt advice providers. That's a potential 1.3m people who could have been helped through such a scheme, to improve their finances and be in a better position to repay their debts.

We need your help to get a Breathing Space scheme back on the Government’s agenda. Please ask your local MP to support Breathing Space using the tool below.

Over 1,000 people have already emailed their MP. Together we can send a loud clear message to MPs about the need for Breathing Space. Your support could help those with debt problems for years to come.

Thank you.